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Thomson Ecology

Thomson Ecology was founded in 2004 by Nancy Thomson (CEO) and John Mundy, quickly followed by Richard Arnold as Technical Director. The three shared a vision to provide excellence and innovation in all aspects of ecology and biodiversity.

Today, with over 100 permanent staff, our expertise covers terrestrial ecology, marine services, freshwater ecology and management, laboratory analysis, habitat creation and management, geospatial data management and mapping, arboriculture, and landscape architecture.


Our relationship with Imperial College London and our award-winning Thomson Interactive Mapping platform are just two examples of our focus on new technology and innovation, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

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Supporting our community

We believe in giving back to our local community, particularly through education. Our interactive school visits encourage the next generation to be curious about the natural world and biodiversity.

Our partner

All new construction projects have to pass specific ecological and archaeological requirements before they receive planning permission. Our alliance with Wessex Archaeology places us in a strong competitive position, as together we offer the breadth of an even wider set of skills and the in depth knowledge of highly experienced specialists.

The partnership offers developers a more efficient and streamlined method for commissioning these specialist services, allowing access to the best advice available as part of one contract without the need to go to multiple firms.

Our mission

  • Embrace new technology and continually innovate
  • Respect and protect well-being, through safe systems of work
  • Invest in our business to ensure sustainable growth
  • Work with integrity to achieve objectives and exceed expectations
  • Develop great partnerships
  • Encourage and support our people to reach their full potential
  • Be proud of what we do and strive to achieve excellence

Our values. We are defined by our values of respect, integrity, support and excellence

Thomson Ecology Handbook

This online version of the Thomson Ecology Handbook provides a general overview of current wildlife legislation* and is aimed at helping project managers understand and plan for ecology from the start.

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Staying up to date with the latest environmental and ecological requirements is key to your project. Whether it’s the latest copy of the Thomson Ecology Handbook, a timely legislation update, or guidance on the latest seasonal activities, we want to provide you with relevant information, straight to your inbox.

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