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We are primarily project managers, with very wide-ranging experience of managing the ecology on the largest projects in the UK. We are experts in all aspects of ecology from ocean floor to mountain top and experienced in all sectors.

Our services range from consultancy, surveys and assessment, data management and mapping, and laboratory analysis, to mitigation management and ecological contracting. Clients rely on us to manage the whole of the ecology process smoothly and pragmatically, and with regular clear communication.

We are specialists in ecological impact assessment, Habitats Regulations Assessment, European Protected Species Licences, geospatial technology, ornithology, marine benthic taxonomy, fish, invertebrates, marine ecology, botany, arboriculture, habitat design and creation, and invasive species management.

We have a remarkable team who enjoy helping to make our clients successful. We recognise that you have a tough job with often alarmingly challenging responsibilities and we aim to take some worry from your shoulders. Together as a team we have the whole ecology issue covered.

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Interactive mapping transforms ecology management

TIM (Thomson Interactive Mapping) - our state of the art geospatial technology connects our field ecologists out on site with our clients in their office and with our project managers at base. Our contract with Thomson Habitats to undertake vegetation clearance of the mothballed section of the East West Rail route has hugely benefitted from using TIM.


Regulatory assessments for licensing marine works: less is more

Assessing the environmental impacts of marine works is challenging, due to the many combinations of effects and impacts that can potentially affect multiple marine species, populations, habitats and nature conservation areas.


Fish rescue enquiries increase from the construction industry

The construction industry is forecast to grow by 23 % over the next four years and already Thomson Ecology is seeing a rise in fish rescue projects.


Smart phones and YouTube may verify benefits in Wadi Hanifah restoration

Recently, specialists from Thomson Ecology travelled to Riyadh, to advise the Arriyadh Development Authority on the biodiversity in the Al Ha’ir Lakes, part of the Wadi Hanifah Restoration Project. Researchers have been tracking the position of the local water table by using cave-wall graffiti in the Dahl Hith caves, as seen in YouTube videos.

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