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We are primarily project managers, with very wide-ranging experience of managing the ecology on the largest projects in the UK. We are experts in all aspects of ecology from ocean floor to mountain top and experienced in all sectors.

Our services range from consultancy, surveys and assessment, data management and mapping, and laboratory analysis, to mitigation management and ecological contracting. Clients rely on us to manage the whole of the ecology process smoothly and pragmatically, and with regular clear communication.

We are specialists in ecological impact assessment, Habitats Regulations Assessment, European Protected Species Licences, geospatial technology, ornithology, marine benthic taxonomy, invertebrates, marine ecology, botany, arboriculture, habitat design and creation, and invasive species management.

We have a remarkable team who enjoy helping to make our clients successful. We recognise that you have a tough job with often alarmingly challenging responsibilities and we aim to take some worry from your shoulders. Together as a team we have the whole ecology issue covered.

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Thomson Ecology works on Humber Gateway projects

Thomson Ecology has been involved in wind farm projects in the Humber area for over five years and has undertaken ecological surveys for two offshore wind farms in the region.


Ash die back continues to spread

The latest data published by the Foresty Commission has shown that ash die back has continued to spread.


A submerged ancient forest has been found by divers off the coast of Norfolk.

This is close to an area in which Thomson Unicomarine has recently completed an extensive seabed survey.


Update in policy to help increase eel stocks

The European eel (Anguilla anguilla) has suffered huge stock declines over the years caused by migration barriers, water quality, disease and fishing pressures.

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