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common lizard lacerta vivipara
common lizard lacerta vivipara
common lizard lacerta vivipara

One point of contact - the complete ecology service

We are primarily project managers, with very wide-ranging experience of managing the ecology on the largest projects in the UK. We are experts in all aspects of ecology from ocean floor to mountain top and experienced in all sectors.

Our services range from consultancy, surveys and assessment, data management and mapping, and laboratory analysis, to mitigation management and ecological contracting. Clients rely on us to manage the whole of the ecology process smoothly and pragmatically, and with regular clear communication.

We are specialists in ecological impact assessment, Habitats Regulations Assessment, European Protected Species Licences, geospatial technology, ornithology, marine benthic taxonomy, invertebrates, marine ecology, botany, arboriculture, fish, habitat design and creation, and invasive species management.

We have a remarkable team who enjoy helping to make our clients successful. We recognise that you have a tough job with often alarmingly challenging responsibilities and we aim to take some worry from your shoulders. Together as a team we have the whole ecology issue covered.

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View latest innovation... visualise total ecology for your project online

"TIM is a very powerful, easy-to-use mapping tool which presents ecology survey data in an accessible format; adding context and depth to the information it contains."    Peter Broomhead, Network Rail.



Thomson Ecology at the top!

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, a team of 10 Thomson Ecology staff members successfully conquered three of the highest peaks in the British Isles, raising money for the Guildford and Leeds branches of the YMCA.


The winner of the 2014 Thomson Ecology Photography Competition has been announced!

Our panel of judges have chosen the winning image from hundreds of entries sent in from all over the world.


eDNA detects biomass of protected species

This year, following our participation in teaching part of the MSc course on Ecological Applications at Imperial College, we supported two students undertaking MSc research projects.


Brave new world of eDNA

Time and money spent on GCN surveys can be greatly reduced through eDNA sequencing by reducing the requirement for multi-visit surveys.

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