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Thomson Ecology HandbookBadger surveys

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Part 1: Legal frameworks

Part 2: Planning policy and other guidance

Part 3: Development and features of biodiversity importance

Part 4: Surveys and assessment

Part 5: Mitigation and enhancement

Part 6: Practical techniques

Badger surveys


A survey to determine the presence or likely absence of badgers should be undertaken at most ’greenfield’ and some ‘brownfield’ development sites since badgers are both abundant and widespread throughout the UK.

The survey involves searching for evidence of badgers such as setts (main, annexe, subsidiary or outlier), latrines (dung pits) and tracks.

Badger surveys can be carried out all year round, though the most accurate picture of badger activity at a site is gained between autumn and spring (avoiding the coldest months) when vegetation is sparse enough to clearly locate setts and badgers are active.

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Badger surveys