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Thomson Ecology HandbookReview of Wildlife Law by the Law Commission including Consultation Paper & Interim Statement

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Part 1: Legal frameworks

Part 2: Planning policy and other guidance

Part 3: Development and features of biodiversity importance

Part 4: Surveys and assessment

Part 5: Mitigation and enhancement

Part 6: Practical techniques

Review of Wildlife Law by the Law Commission, including its Consultation Paper (2012) and Interim Statement (2013)

(England and Wales)

The wildlife law project was proposed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The project includes consideration of the law relating to the conservation, control, protection and exploitation of wildlife in England and Wales and is ongoing. However, several reports have been produced as part of the project. These include the Wildlife Law: Interim Statement (2013) and Wildlife Law (2012) Law Commission Consultation Paper, which have already resulted in some primary legislation being enacted (the mechanism for the control of invasive species set out in the Infrastructure Act 2015) and may well result in further changes in the future. Some of these changes may include:

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