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Thomson Ecology HandbookMitigation and enhancement | Mitigation

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Part 1: Legal frameworks

Part 2: Planning policy and other guidance

Part 3: Development and features of biodiversity importance

Part 4: Surveys and assessment

Part 5: Mitigation and enhancement

Part 6: Practical techniques

Part 5: Mitigation and enhancement

Chapter 13: Mitigation and enhancement


When all the surveys are complete and the impacts of the development have been assessed, it will be possible for an ecologist to draw up detailed mitigation proposals, which can be used to offset the impacts of the development. The Thomson ecological mitigation calendar shows how development activities can be timed to avoid negative impacts upon protected species.

Why undertake ecological mitigation and enhancement?

There are a number of reasons for undertaking ecological mitigation and enhancement in association with proposed developments. These include:


Ecological mitigation in its broadest sense includes avoidance, mitigation and compensation measures. These are described as follows:

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