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Renewable energy


Continuously enhancing your environmental reputation is fundamental to improving your ability to win tenders for new projects and maintaining a strong brand in your sector. Biodiversity consulting can help you to realise value from every aspect of your investment in ecology and biodiversity through input to, for example, corporate biodiversity strategy and plans, staff training and sustainability reporting.


Ecological mitigation programmes are designed to offset the effects of development on wildlife and habitats. We can manage the entire ecological mitigation programme through the construction phase of your development. This may involve supervision of works, actual works, using our contracting and design team for habitat creation, and any required protected species translocation. Call us or email to discuss your projects.

Planning & consent

Writing the ecological chapter of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is one of our core services for onshore and offshore wind farm and other energy projects. Our project management of survey and reporting ensures your application is made promptly and effectively. When following our advice our clients have always achieved planning permission and to date we are 100% successful in obtaining protected species licences.

Post-construction phase

Your development may require a long-term commitment to maintaining biodiversity. Our specialists work with you throughout the lifecycle of the development to identify and deliver all your regulatory duties. We can undertake habitat maintenance, species monitoring and any additional specified requirements. Our data management systems will facilitate programming and reporting, which can also be leveraged as an aspect of sustainability reporting.

Scope of projects

Onshore and offshore wind farms, solar farms and wave and tidal solutions all require ecological impact assessments. Thomson Ecology has been at the forefront of developing guidance and best practice and we have advised on over 2.5GW of renewable energy production projects. We can work with you on any scale project to effectively manage all aspects of ecology and biodiversity.
Project examples in renewable energy.

Site & route selection

Following an initial ecological assessment of potential sites and/or routes, as the first step in the Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) process, we can advise on site selection. When carrying out more detailed ecological and arboricultural surveys we can advise on design issues and biodiversity offsetting to reduce the cost and risk of ecological impacts. We are specialists in all ecosystems and conduct marine, freshwater and terrestrial surveys.