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Our project managers are consultants with a particular skill in managing large projects, often infrastructure projects. It is desirable to be a graduate in ecology, marine biology or conservation and essential to have project management experience on large schemes. To our clients this is what differentiates us from other ecology consultancies, the trust in our ability to take care of the whole project and control all aspects in a calm and professional manner, keeping all parties informed in a timely fashion and completing the work ahead of schedule.

One of our Project Managers says:

“This work is challenging and that's a good thing as far as I am concerned. If you are signed up for an easy ride, safe within your comfort zone, this may not be the profession for you. Most days throw up new problems for which solutions need to be found, but when the plan comes together the job satisfaction kicks in. The support network and availability of specialist knowledge that comes with working for a larger company makes the many challenges of pulling off large projects achievable through working as part of a team.

After working overseas as an expedition leader for many years I was not sure how long I would last in an office environment. However, the variety of the work and great colleagues have kept me interested. Although managing large projects involves a lot of paperwork, there are also plenty of opportunities to get out and about on site and on client visits up and down the country. I am also involved in running internal training programs which adds another rewarding element to the work. I have now been with Thomson Ecology for seven years which is a personal best, so I can safely say the employment conditions are excellent.”

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Project managers