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Oil and gas

Project management

In your large scale projects, where health & safety and project management are key to success, you need the support of experienced project managers for specialist aspects. Our comprehensive training and highly defined management practices underwrite the way we work on every project. Many clients have commented positively on our expertise and ability on large scale, complex projects.

Strategic approach

Oil & gas operations can be situated in very diverse ecosystems and an expert partner with a strategic approach to the management of ecological risk can be an invaluable resource. We draw on our international experience of oil and gas exploration to help you manage ecological impacts and inform your corporate biodiversity strategy. Call us or email to discuss your projects.

Where cost balances risk

When you are investing millions in a project the cost of delays due to regulatory issues, inquiries and adverse reactions from stakeholders may load budgets out of proportion to the scale of the problem. Our ability to manage the regulatory process, liaising with stakeholders and submitting high quality reports has meant that no client has ever been refused planning permission on ecological grounds when they have taken our advice.