The Illuminated River project – an update on the ecology work

Thomson Ecology has been involved with the ecology side of the Illuminated River project on the Thames since late 2016. The project aims to revitalise and enhance the bridges in central London using light. This will be a permanent, free art installation, to be enjoyed by Londoners, commuters and visitors, and will be associated with 15 bridges from Albert Bridge in Chelsea to Tower Bridge.

Since our last update on the Illuminated River project, the team have been busy supporting Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands (LDS), the project’s architects, with the planning approvals for the project.

We have assisted with development of the scoping document, provided specialist advice with respect to identifying potential impacts to both aquatic and terrestrial ecological receptors, and have undertaken ecological surveys to determine baseline populations of bats and breeding birds. We have assisted in the development of the ecology chapter of the Environmental Statement that will be submitted as part of the planning application in May 2018.

Thomson Ecology Handbook

This online version of the Thomson Ecology Handbook provides a general overview of current wildlife legislation* and is aimed at helping project managers understand and plan for ecology from the start.

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