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More rewilding to support biodiversity

18th July 2017 - Increasingly, companies are rewilding sites after their industrial use has ended. Often this is part of the original planning conditions to permit development. Until recently, Tice’s Meadow Nature Reserve was an active quarry operated run by Hanson Aggregates.
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JNCC Geikie Slide and Hebridean Slope MPA survey 2016, an update

14th July 2017 - The marine team have been working on an extraordinary benthic analysis project from the Geikie Slide and the Hebridean Slope Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area (NCMPA) on behalf of JNCC. Read more

School visit to inspire next generation of fledgling ecologists

7th July 2017 - Last week, four members of staff from our ecology and habitats teams made a visit to Wood Street Infant School. Armed with a toad, a blackbird’s nest and animal photos, we were greeted by a sea of excited 4 and 5 year olds all eager to spend the morning exploring the wild. Read more

The 2017 Thomson Ecology Photography Competition is now open!

7th July 2017 - The competition this year is entitled, “Our Natural World” because much of our work as an ecology consultancy involves the restoration and enhancement of habitats for the benefit of wildlife. Read more

Confident decisions follow accurate sampling and outcome-driven monitoring plans

4th July 2017 - In this, the third in the series of regular water articles by Dr Phil Aldous, Director of Water at Thomson Ecology, we look at the difficult issue of the costs of delivering a robust monitoring plan. Read more

New species paper to be published online

27th June 2017 - Earlier this month, principal taxonomist Ruth Barnich and her co-authors submitted a publication to the scientific journal, Marine Biodiversity, on the discovery of two new Malmgrenia species. Read more

The Unicomarine team enthuses pupils at school’s “Science Week”

13th June 2017 - Members of the Thomson Unicomarine team gave a talk to pupils at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, on “Water Day” which was part of the school’s Science Week. Read more

Thomson Ecology are now members of British Water

6th June 2017 - Thomson Ecology are now members of British Water, the leading representative trade and business development organisation for the supply chain of the UK water and related environmental industries. Read more

Thomson Ecology and Thomson Habitats collaborate on large-scale residential development

2nd June 2017 - Thomson Ecology and Thomson Habitats are working together on a large-scale residential building project in Kent. Read more

UAV technology maps habitats from above

23rd May 2017 - We recently worked with Essex & Suffolk Water to map habitats and topography for ecology purposes, providing mapped data which can be shared and used for future comparisons of habitat changes. Read more

Exciting detailed analysis of benthos from deep seas off the Hebrides

15th May 2017 - Thomson Unicomarine are analysing samples on behalf of JNCC from the Geikie Slide and Hebridean Slope Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area (NCMPA). Read more