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Marine Environmental Impact Assessment

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) seeks to ensure that the environmental effects of major projects and developments are fully investigated, understood and taken into account before decisions are made on whether they should proceed. Our marine consultants have over 20 years’ experience advising licensing authorities on the outcomes of EIAs and the quality of Environmental Statements (ES). We understand what regulators are looking for and can apply this knowledge to your EIA.

Our services can include:

Our in-house benthic laboratory has over thirty years’ experience processing benthic and PSA samples to NMBAQC standards for a variety of offshore activities.

We have in-house experts in marine biology, benthic fauna & fish taxonomy, marine designated sites, protected habitats and species, water and sediment quality, and environmental impact assessment.

Our experienced marine consultants can coordinate your surveying and reporting needs to ensure a high quality report is produced to meet the regulator’s requirements.

Marine Environmental Impact Assessment