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Hot tips for marine consents

CIWEM offices, 27th October 2015

On the 27th October we hosted an event entitled "Hot tips for marine consents", aiming to facilitate communication between developers and relevant government organisations and the undertanding of how to ensure successful licencing of estuarine, coastal and marine works.

The workshop covered the scientific evidence requirements to support marine licensing, regulatory processes and the latest updates on guidance to comply with national and EU marine environmental legislation.

Presentations and videos

If you were unable to attend the workshop and would like to view the presentations, or some video selections from our speakers, you can do so here.

Dr Mike Best, Environent Agency

View film here

Phil McBryde, Marine Management Organisation

View film here

Tanya Ferry, Port of London Authority

View film here

Daniel Bastreri, Thomson Ecology

View film here

Hot tips for marine consents workshop