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Habitat creation and contracting

Countryside management

Our team are experienced working with a wide range of clients, from public agencies to individual landowners. We have experience in many areas of countryside management, including hedge laying, tree and shrub planting and the restoration and creation of hay meadows and grasslands. We can also clear all types of vegetation, undertake tree services and habitat creation. Call us or email to discuss your countryside management requirements.

Fencing and exclusion

Prior to development commencing, a site may require ecological clearance. This may involve the installation of specialist fencing, pitfall traps and other devices. We offer complete supply and installation services for a range of species, including water voles, reptiles, great crested newts, badgers, deer and rabbits. Our team are also experts in installing fencing in difficult ground and terrain such as railways, quarries, mines and brownfield sites. Call us or email to discuss your ecological clearance requirements.

Habitat creation

We design, create and restore habitats for wildlife on both brownfield and rural sites for a wide range of private and public sector clients. Our habitat creation projects have included: artificial badger setts, water voles ditches and ponds , bird and bat boxes, herpetile hibernacula, herpetile ponds, wetland habitat area, mixed habitat over extensive areas , grasslands and meadows.

Email us or call 01483 466066 for more details.

Invasive species

Invasive plants can cause a serious problem not only on development sites but also in ecologically sensitive areas. We advise on the most appropriate approach to dealing with the problem case by case. We control amongst others, Japanese knotweed and giant hogweed and a number of aquatic plants. Call us or email to discuss your invasive species requirements.

Soft landscaping

Many sites for development require soft landscaping to maintain and encourage biodiversity. We have worked on many such projects, including large scale tree and shrub planting in both urban and rural areas, hedge planting and hedge laying, meadow restoration and grassland management, including grassland seeding, ploughing and cultivations. Email us or call us to discuss your soft landscaping requirements.

Vegetation clearance

Before development can start, a site will often need to be cleared of vegetation. In the first instance we can provide advice on suitable site management, which can minimise time and costs associated with any clearance works required later. We undertake all types of vegetation clearance works, from large scale mechanised site clearance, to vegetation clearance on ecologically sensitive sites using hand tools. Call us or email regarding your vegetation clearance and management requirements.