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Thomson Ecology has been running its highly regarded Graduate Training and Experience Programme since 2007. The scheme gives new graduates a chance to work alongside senior technical staff for a full field season, and participate in training courses on all areas of the business. The successful applicants learn industry-standard survey and mitigation techniques for a range of species and habitats, as well as advanced skills in consulting and report writing.

The graduates receive a salary during the programme, and at the end of the period, the best performers are offered a permanent position. In some years this has been the whole group.

One of our 2015 graduates says:

“As a graduate just starting out in the consultancy field, working at Thomson has so far been a great opportunity. From the warm welcome I received to all the valuable training and support, Thomson has provided the ideal environment for me to advance my skills.They are involved with some of the largest and most important developments in the country, spanning a variety of locations and sites, which has given me a broader view of the industry's scope and the range of environments that we deal with.

Being a large consultancy, there are many staff who have a huge amount of experience, willing to impart the specialist knowledge that's necessary for me to grow as an ecologist.

I've learnt so much since I started and continue to learn something new everyday, through the extensive training programme and continuous opportunities to obtain qualifications and licences.

As I continue my journey as a consultant ecologist, Thomson will have played a substantial part in my growth in this industry, rewarding people with passion and dedication for their work. I hope to carry on playing a vital part in this great company.”

Another of our 2015 graduates said:

“I joined Thomson Ecology in March 2015 as part of the Graduate Recruitment Programme and could not have imagined just how good an opportunity it would be.

Graduate ecologists

The first two weeks of the Programme are solely dedicated to a detailed training course covering a wide range of ecological survey techniques. This demonstrates the commitment that Thomson has in providing the opportunity for their staff to develop and acquire new skills.

Thomson works on some of the biggest ecology projects in the UK, therefore creating a dynamic and challenging working environment. This encourages staff to do their very best, with an emphasis on professional development.

There is a wealth of experience within the company resulting in a great environment in which to continually expand your ecological knowledge and progress in your career. Working at Thomson is not only enjoyable and rewarding, it also provides a great opportunity to learn and grow, and to be part of an amazing team.”

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