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Arboricultural consulting

Thomson Ecology's in-house arboriculture team provide specialist tree consultancy and tree management services. All members of the arb team are highly qualified and skilled in providing a full range of arboricultural consultancy services, with experience in both private and public sector roles.

We pride ourselves in providing a bespoke service for our clients’ arboricultural needs, delivering robust results in line with industry standards and best practice guidelines.

As we work very closely with ecologists on a day-to-day basis we also have a great understanding of ecological constraints related to trees and can identify these at an early stage, helping to prevent unwanted delays to projects further down the line.

To speak to a member of the arb team on any aspect of arboriculture call us or email. Please read more about our arboriculture services below.

Tree surveys & assessments

We deliver the full range of tree surveys and produce bespoke reports which are vital to securing planning applications, including BS5837:2012, arboricultural surveys and reports for developments, Tree Constraints Plans, Arboricultural Impact Assessments (AIA), Arboricultural Method Statements (AMS) and Tree Protection Plans.

We provide arboricultural supervision before, during and after construction activities, as well as acting as a pivotal link between our clients and the Local Planning Authority Tree Officer. We carry out tree hazard surveys for all landowners to help them meet their statutory ‘Duty of Care’ and through our sister company, Thomson Habitats, we can deliver remedial tree works identified during the survey. Read more

Tree management

Whether you represent a local authority, housing association or private landowner, managing the trees on your estate requires careful and detailed plans for surveying, condition monitoring and tree work scheduling.
We are often asked by our clients to recommend and implement robust tree management systems to meet these objectives. Having your trees digitally mapped and managed via an interactive database allows for proactive and efficient management. Read more

Veteran trees

The UK has the greatest concentration of veteran trees in Europe, many over a thousand years old. These stalwarts of our ancient woodland and parks are part of our natural heritage and like most landowners you will want to conserve them. Our tree experts have the knowledge and skills to manage these trees, and their surrounding environment, to ensure their continued survival. Read more

Legal and insurance

No work can be carried out on a tree, or trees, protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) without the consent of the Local Planning Authority. With the onus to gain permission on the landowner or developer, our arboriculture team will work on your behalf to gain approval from the Authority. We also provide assessments for insurance purposes, where trees are indicated in cases of subsidence. Read more

Tree health

Your trees are an asset to you but they also comprise part of a natural network that contributes to the biodiversity and sustainability of many natural ecosystem processes. Identifying tree health issues at the earliest stage can not only benefit you but also tree stocks in the country as a whole. Either as part of our role in condition assessment and monitoring, or on when you think you may have a problem, our expert arboriculturists can assist with diagnosis and treatment. Read more

Tree planting scheme design

We offer a total design and implementation service for tree planting (in accordance with BS8545:2014), in tandem with our sister company Thomson Habitats. We follow the mantra 'the right tree in the right place', and use our expert knowledge when selecting tree species for landscape and habitat continuity, functionality and amenity value, and resilience and longevity in the future. Read more