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We are always interested to hear from confident, capable environmental professionals with successful project and people management experience who are ambitious to run their own team of technical specialists: winning work, managing clients, setting and achieving budgets and targets, motivating and leading a team of ecology and biology consultants to achieve our vision and sharing our values.

One of our managers says:

Thomson Habitats is a great company to work for. They strongly believe on growing and developing their own staff, and have a great CPD programme. The company fosters an entrepreneurial spirit and actively encourages its staff to be the best that they can be. The company is flexible in its approach and is happy to allow individuals to develop and grow their specialisms. Thomson is also refreshing in that they are prepared to give young talent a chance and the associated responsibility that comes with it. Being part of the Thomson group also means that you get to work on some of the largest and most complex mitigation projects in the UK such as Wallasea Island and East-West Rail. Working on these challenging projects is one of the best aspects of working for the company – I thoroughly enjoy helping clients to achieve their aims and meet their project deadlines.

Another manager says:

"Leading a business stream at Thomson Ecology is an absolute pleasure with the support of dedicated staff and management.

The values of respect, integrity, support and excellence are embedded in the culture of the business, whether in the head office or the regional offices.

Delivering a business stream means you communicate and engage with many different people across a wide range of technical and support areas. The consultants are technically very impressive and also demonstrate excellent business acumen. The very approachable and pleasant support teams covering IT, finance and human resources are critical to the running of the business. They just make those difficult things to do easier, or just disappear! Staff at Thomson are always looking at novel and innovative solutions to improve efficiency and solve new problems.

Staff appraisals are held regularly and are constructive with clearly identified objectives. At Thomson, the culture inspires a ‘can do’ attitude, which means that staff grow their careers, and, grow personally – taking on new challenges and learning new skills. With this culture and attitude Thomson is a great place to work, alongside fantastic people delivering exceptional work. "

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