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Microplastics – too little too late?

1st July 2016 - Scientists and conservationists have long been concerned about the increasing amount of plastic in our oceans. Millions of tons of plastics enter the oceans every year as litter discarded by humans, and have been found in seabirds, fish, whales and turtles. Read more

Hampstead Heath Ponds Project – fishing for the unexpected

29th June 2016 - The fisheries team have undertaken a fish rescue at Hampstead Heath for their Ponds Project, where they relocated over 1,400 fish from the model boating pond, but also uncovered some unexpected findings. Read more

New method to remove dioxins from water and contaminated sediment

29th June 2016 - A new method to clean dioxins and other hazardous materials from water has been recently developed in Syria - using the stones of dates, a by-product of the fruit-packing industry, to absorb dioxins from aqueous solutions. Read more

Brexit and wildlife legislation

24th June 2016 - Nothing has changed in the law or policy protecting wildlife following the outcome of the EU referendum. All the protection for wildlife that existed prior to the referendum is still in place and there is every indication that it will be retained for the foreseeable future. Read more

Dr Arnaud Duranel to speak at Hydrogeology of Peat meeting

20th June 2016 - Dr Arnaud Duranel, Senior Ecologist at Thomson Ecology will be speaking at the National Meeting organised by the Geological Society and the British Hydrological Society, on the Hydrogeology of Peat, at the University of Birmingham on 7th July. Read more

Team immersed in marine surveys

10th June 2016 - Our marine team have been out around the coast of the UK doing various surveys for a number of clients, including an intertidal survey on the South Coast, and a pre-dredge disposal survey 10 miles offshore. Read more

Is decommissioning offshore oil and gas platforms the best approach?

2nd June 2016 - Daniel Bastreri, Thomson Unicomarine’s senior marine consultant has spoken to Adjacent Oil and Gas magazine about how the benefits of leaving disused offshore installations in the North Sea should be re-examined. Read more

New 5-point plan to save our salmon

20th May 2016 - The Environment Agency and partner organisations have committed to a 5-point approach to restore the abundance, diversity and resilience of salmon stocks. Read more

Alien, invasive and BIG

9th May 2016 - There are serious concerns about the potential significant adverse impact of the establishment of populations of king crab in their new habitats, and the WWF Norway estimates that the crab's population has increased sixfold since 1995. Read more

Thomson to sponsor RRC 2016 Annual Network Conference

12th April 2016 - Thomson Ecology is happy to announce that we are sponsoring the River Restoration Centre 2016 Annual Network Conference later this month. Read more

European ports harbour business opportunities

21st March 2016 - Seaports channel 74% of goods imported or exported to and by the EU, and they are hubs from where a trans-European network of transport operates, combining railway, short-sea shipping and inland waterways links. Read more