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Introducing our new Water Framework Directive infographic

4th October 2016 - Introducing our “Water Framework Directive fact sheet” which we hope will give you helpful at-a-glance facts about what the WFD is, why it is used and how. Read more

Beachwatch – cleaning our beaches

29th September 2016 - Last weekend the only UK-wide beach clean took place, where the general public could volunteer in their thousands to help clean our beaches of litter. Beach litter is at the highest level since records began. Read more

Groundwater; Managing our Hidden Asset

12th September 2016 - Dr Arnaud Duranel, Senior Ecologist at Thomson Ecology, is speaking at the “Groundwater; Managing our Hidden Asset” conference this week. Read more

On the lookout for Sabellaria spinulosa

5th September 2016 - Thomson Unicomarine’s specialist benthic laboratory is currently on the lookout for Sabellaria spinulosa. We have been commissioned to analyse samples for a wind farm in the North Sea to determine the presence of these reef building worms. Read more

Thomson’s principal taxonomist gives talk to staff about new species discovery

18th August 2016 - Dr Ruth Barnich, Thomson Unicomarine’s Principal Taxonomist, presented a talk to all staff in the Guildford office earlier this week, explaining her recent discovery of two new species of polychaete. Read more

European Commission introduces list of invasive species to be banned from entering UK

2nd August 2016 - The regulations covering a list of 37 invasive alien species will come into effect on Wednesday 3rd August. Read more

Thomson Unicomarine's Principal Taxonomist presents new species next week

27th July 2016 - Dr Ruth Barnich, Thomson Unicomarine's Principal Taxonomist, will present and discuss her recently discovered Malmgrenia species at the International Polychaete Conference next week. Read more

Are plastic microfibres worse than microbeads?

18th July 2016 - In 2011, Mark Browne, a well-respected scientist, published data showing that tiny man-made fibres from clothing could be the biggest source of plastic in our oceans. Read more

The 2016 Thomson Ecology Photography Competition is now open

11th July 2016 - The competition is entitled "The Seasons of the British Isles", and there are prizes to be won! Find out how to enter here. Read more

Finding, but not keeping, Dory

5th July 2016 - On the 29th of July the much awaited sequel to “Finding Nemo”, “Finding Dory”, will be released in the UK. If demand for these colourful, charismatic fish increases, as it did for anemonefish after "Finding Nemo", the pressure on the wild populations may have devastating effects. Read more

Thomson Unicomarine's Principal Taxonomist to introduce new species at International Conference

5th July 2016 - Thomson Unicomarine’s Principal Taxonomist, Dr Ruth Barnich, is preparing for the 12th International Polychaete Conference where she will present her recent discovery of two new species. Read more