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The UK’s leading experts in gaining consents and
meeting ecological planning conditions. With so much at stake, why use anyone else?

Thomson Unicomarine has over 30 years marine experience. We have provided specialist marine data management solutions for commercial developers and government bodies, such as the Environment Agency, Cefas and Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

We help clients obtain licences and consents for offshore renewable energy, decommissioning, and other marine constructions, oil and gas extraction, sewage outfalls, fish farms, navigational dredging and disposal, beach recharging, aggregate extraction and all near-shore developments.


Correct identification is of paramount importance to our work at the Environment Agency; we need to be absolutely certain of the species’ ID as it influences WFD estuary fish classification scores. Thomson Unicomarine gave a quick turnaround on the project and provided us with the identifications, dissected specimens and material that we can use as teaching aids... Rob Hillman, Senior Environmental Monitoring Officer, Environment Agency.

Latest news & articles

Fish rescue enquiries increase from the construction industry

The construction industry is forecast to grow by 23 % over the next four years and already Thomson Ecology is seeing a rise in fish rescue projects.
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Marine consultancy demand growing

Demand for marine consultancy is growing and our consultants have been commissioned on a wide variety of work including Water Framework Directive assessments for multiple construction and dredging works in the Thames, enabling our clients to gain marine licences and proceed with their projects.
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Main parties pledge creation of largest marine protection zones in the world

The Independant newspaper reported that The creation of the largest marine protection area in the world will be pledged by the Labour Party as part of its “green plan” to be carried out under an Ed Miliband government.
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Thomson Unicomarine assists with important fish identifications

Our fisheries experts have been assisting the Environment Agency with the identification of grey mullet fish species
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