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meeting ecological planning conditions. With so much at stake, why use anyone else?

Thomson Unicomarine has over 30 years marine experience. We have provided specialist marine data management solutions for commercial developers and government bodies, such as the Environment Agency, Cefas and Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

We help clients obtain licences and consents for offshore renewable energy, decommissioning, and other marine constructions, oil and gas extraction, sewage outfalls, fish farms, navigational dredging and disposal, beach recharging, aggregate extraction and all near-shore developments.


Correct identification is of paramount importance to our work at the Environment Agency; we need to be absolutely certain of the species’ ID as it influences WFD estuary fish classification scores. Thomson Unicomarine gave a quick turnaround on the project and provided us with the identifications, dissected specimens and material that we can use as teaching aids... Rob Hillman, Senior Environmental Monitoring Officer, Environment Agency.

Latest news & articles

Thomson Unicomarine audits 30 labs and fish teams for NMBAQC fish component scheme
1st September

The latest Annual Report for the fish component of the NMBAQC scheme has been published on the NMBAQC website. This concludes the 2014 -2015 year which saw Thomson Unicomarine audit 30 laboratories and fish teams for fish identification.
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Thomson Unicomarine’s assessment mentioned by Minister
1st September 2015

Defra has recently reviewed an assessment of the management of marine fish resources, fisheries and nature conservation in the Inner Severn Estuary undertaken by the marine consultancy of Thomson Unicomarine for Gloucestershire County Council (GCC).
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Thomson’s team grab samples for Harwich Haven Authority
1st September 2015

Staff in our marine team have just returned from a survey for Harwich Haven Authority on the Stour and Orwell Estuaries.
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What happened to bluefin tuna off Cornwall?
25th August 2015

A huge shoal, reportedly 500-strong, of bluefin tuna worth around £250million has been spotted off the West Country coast.
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