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Thomson Unicomarine's Principal Taxonomist presents new species next week

27th July 2016 - Dr Ruth Barnich, Thomson Unicomarine's Principal Taxonomist, will present and discuss her recently discovered Malmgrenia species at the International Polychaete Conference next week. Read more

Thomson Ecology registered with Natural England to use new GCN Low Impact Class Licence

12th July 2016 - We now have a registered consultant on the recently introduced Great Crested Newt Low Impact Class Licence (GCN LICL) – a new initiative between Natural England and CIEEM. Read more

The 2016 Thomson Ecology Photography Competition is now open

11th July 2016 - The competition is entitled "The Seasons of the British Isles", and there are prizes to be won! Find out how to enter here. Read more

Thomson Unicomarine's Principal Taxonomist to introduce new species at International Conference

5th July 2016 - Thomson Unicomarine’s Principal Taxonomist, Dr Ruth Barnich, is preparing for the 12th International Polychaete Conference where she will present her recent discovery of two new species. Read more

Brexit and wildlife legislation

24th June 2016 - Nothing has changed in the law or policy protecting wildlife following the outcome of the EU referendum. All the protection for wildlife that existed prior to the referendum is still in place and there is every indication that it will be retained for the foreseeable future. Read more

Dr Arnaud Duranel to speak at Hydrogeology of Peat meeting

20th June 2016 - Dr Arnaud Duranel, Senior Ecologist at Thomson Ecology will be speaking at the National Meeting organised by the Geological Society and the British Hydrological Society, on the Hydrogeology of Peat, at the University of Birmingham on 7th July. Read more

Peregrine falcons observed on viaduct survey

9th June 2016 - Thomson Ecology was commissioned by Network Rail to ascertain the presence of any nesting birds, in particular peregrine falcons, (Falco peregrinus) on a viaduct in North Yorkshire. Read more

Newt surveys - necessary…. and exciting!

6th June 2016 - It is at this time of year that GCN eggs and larvae can be found in ponds and water bodies. Finding species during survey work is normally very exciting for our junior ecologists, and even more so for our team of graduates who are in training. Read more

TIM now being used on all projects

1st June 2016 - Thomson Interactive Mapping (TIM) is now available for use on all projects managed by Thomson Ecology. Read more

Habitat creation for pollinators shown to benefit food production

24th May 2016 - Turning just a small percentage of commercial farmland into habitat for pollinators actually increases some yields, despite the loss of land in production. Read more

Thomson Ecology to undertake ancient woodland baseline surveying for Natural Resources Wales

13th May 2016 - Thomson Ecology has been commissioned to undertake this year’s Ancient Woodland Baseline Surveying for Natural Resources Wales. Read more