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Great crested newts are not always where you expect to find them

24th March 2017 - Recent work at a site in Milton, Oxfordshire uncovered an exhausted female great crested newt swimming in a ‘footway box’ for electrical ducting. Read more

Environment Agency updates groundwater protection policy

16th March 2017 - The Environment Agency have released a new updated groundwater protection policy. The guidance is for planners, applicants for environmental permits, and landowners concerned with the quality and quantity of groundwater. Read more

Water companies face complex challenges

14th March 2016 - The first in a monthly series of water articles by Dr Phil Aldous, Director of Water at Thomson Ecology, looks at the challenges facing water companies in meeting future water demands as they prepare water resource management plans. Read more

Otter habitat mapping using our UAVs

13th March 2017 - Recently we undertook a flight to capture aerial imagery of six enclosures within the New Forest Wildlife Park housing Eurasian otters. Read more

Can decommissioning benefit the marine environment?

10th March 2017 - Decommissioning of the North Sea oil and gas platforms will start this year as oil platforms built in the 1970s reach the end of their lives. It is estimated that 146 platforms will be removed from the North Sea between 2019 and 2026. Read more

Welsh Government publishes White Paper on Brexit

7th March 2017 - On 23rd January, the Welsh Government published a white paper titled “Securing Wales’ Future – Transition from the European Union to a new relationship with Europe”. Read more

Thomson Ecology to exhibit at Marine Energy Wales’ inaugural conference

3rd March 2017 - The conference on the 30th March at the Liberty Stadium, Swansea, marks the launch of the partnership, whose aim is to develop a sustainable marine energy industry, establishing Wales as a centre of excellence. Read more

Homeowners sue for drop in property value from Japanese knotweed

27th February 2017 - Property owners who are affected by Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) from adjoining land could sue for compensation, after a landmark ruling in Cardiff earlier this month. Read more

Turning the white paper green

22nd February 2017 - “Fixing our broken housing market”, the government’s February 2017 white paper on housing, was published earlier this month and has received mixed reactions. Read more

Trump, Brexit and the environment

13th February 2017 - In essence when the UK leaves the EU, our wildlife and environment will remain protected.
However, the inauguration of the new President of the United States, Donald Trump, comes with new uncertainties about how the UK’s relationship with the US will impact on our environment. Read more

Thomson Ecology welcomes Dr Phil Aldous, new Director of Water

2nd February 2017 - Thomson Ecology is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Phil Aldous as the new Director of Water. Read more