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A bird’s eye view of archaeology

19th September 2017 - We recently worked with our archaeology partner, Wessex Archaeology, on a site in the South West of England, to obtain aerial imagery of an archaeological site. Read more

Microbeads found on animals from estuarine samples

29th August 2017 - The presence of plastic in the oceans is a big concern, especially as it accumulates in the food chain. When analysing sediment samples, we are often asked to record the presence and nature of plastic fragments. Read more

Imperial College publish new eDNA research

25th August 2017 - Imperial College London have published an article this week “Fishing for DNA during breeding season could help control invasive species” which talks about the research that they have done into how eDNA (environmental DNA) can be monitored to detect the presence or absence of certain species. Read more

The greatest comeback?

25th August 2017 - The Thames was declared ‘dead’ in the 1950s due to the high levels of pollution and sewage entering the water, preventing any life remaining there. Fast forward 70 years and we have made leaps and bounds in improving the water quality in this visible, but hidden environment. Read more

Arise, Natrix helvetica

15th August 2017 - Herpetologists and nature lovers across the country last week were informed that we had a new species of grass snake. This news was greeted with great interest and enthusiasm, however, the story was slightly misleading... Read more

Rarely encountered animals found in deep waters

1st August 2017 - Whilst we are used to identifying animals from the continental shelf, we have been very excited to work on a project where we could find rarely encountered species which only occur in deep waters. Read more

More rewilding to support biodiversity

18th July 2017 - Increasingly, companies are rewilding sites after their industrial use has ended. Often this is part of the original planning conditions to permit development. Until recently, Tice’s Meadow Nature Reserve was an active quarry operated run by Hanson Aggregates.
Read more

JNCC Geikie Slide and Hebridean Slope MPA survey 2016, an update

14th July 2017 - The marine team have been working on an extraordinary benthic analysis project from the Geikie Slide and the Hebridean Slope Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area (NCMPA) on behalf of JNCC. Read more

Thomson Ecology have helped Network Rail with GCN information film

14th July 2017 - Members of Thomson Ecology and Thomson Habitats recently worked with Network Rail to produce their information film about great crested newts, which has been distributed on the Track Safety Alliance (TSA) website. Read more

School visit to inspire next generation of fledgling ecologists

7th July 2017 - Last week, four members of staff from our ecology and habitats teams made a visit to Wood Street Infant School. Armed with a toad, a blackbird’s nest and animal photos, we were greeted by a sea of excited 4 and 5 year olds all eager to spend the morning exploring the wild. Read more

The 2017 Thomson Ecology Photography Competition is now open!

7th July 2017 - The competition this year is entitled, “Our Natural World” because much of our work as an ecology consultancy involves the restoration and enhancement of habitats for the benefit of wildlife. Read more