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UAV technology maps habitats from above

23rd May 2017 - We recently worked with Essex & Suffolk Water to map habitats and topography for ecology purposes, providing mapped data which can be shared and used for future comparisons of habitat changes. Read more

Exciting detailed analysis of benthos from deep seas off the Hebrides

15th May 2017 - Thomson Unicomarine are analysing samples on behalf of JNCC from the Geikie Slide and Hebridean Slope Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area (NCMPA). Read more

Integrated Water Cycle Management and sewerage planning

12th May 2017 - As the water industry moves towards Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM), this article looks at the level of integration of water resource and sewerage planning. Read more

Thomson Ecology Handbook now available as an e-book

9th May 2017 - The Thomson Ecology Handbook is now available to download as a free of charge e-book, and is available from Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks and Google Play eBook stores. Read more

Ecology advice for Garden Village development

24th April 2017 - Thomson Ecology has been providing ecology advice for a UK Government Garden Village initiative for approximately 6,000 residential units, retail and employment centres, schools, community facilities and public greenspace. Read more

Make sure you’re on time with your abstraction return – and not just your tax return!

6th April 2017 - Having just passed the Environment Agency’s abstraction year-end, there is now a 28 day allowable period to complete your annual abstraction return! Read more

Great crested newts are not always where you expect to find them

24th March 2017 - Recent work at a site in Milton, Oxfordshire uncovered an exhausted female great crested newt swimming in a ‘footway box’ for electrical ducting. Read more

Environment Agency updates groundwater protection policy

16th March 2017 - The Environment Agency have released a new updated groundwater protection policy. The guidance is for planners, applicants for environmental permits, and landowners concerned with the quality and quantity of groundwater. Read more

Water companies face complex challenges

14th March 2016 - The first in a monthly series of water articles by Dr Phil Aldous, Director of Water at Thomson Ecology, looks at the challenges facing water companies in meeting future water demands as they prepare water resource management plans. Read more

Otter habitat mapping using our UAVs

13th March 2017 - Recently we undertook a flight to capture aerial imagery of six enclosures within the New Forest Wildlife Park housing Eurasian otters. Read more

Can decommissioning benefit the marine environment?

10th March 2017 - Decommissioning of the North Sea oil and gas platforms will start this year as oil platforms built in the 1970s reach the end of their lives. It is estimated that 146 platforms will be removed from the North Sea between 2019 and 2026. Read more