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Autumn Budget - environmental announcements

23rd November 2017 - The Autumn budget was announced today, and amongst Philip Hammond's key announcements, there are some optimistic environmental points
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Commercial ownership data made free

14th November 2017 - HM Land Registry has announced that data on land and property in England and Wales will be made freely available. If the registered legal owner is a UK company, corporate body or overseas company, the information will be free to access. Read more

Water abstraction licensing changes from 1st January 2018

10th November 2017 - Changes in water abstraction licensing for previously exempt activities have been finally agreed following many years of debate. Read more

Professor Paul Leinster CBE joins Thomson Ecology Advisory Board

3rd November 2017 - We are delighted that Professor Paul Leinster CBE will be joining the Thomson Ecology Advisory Board. Paul is Professor of Environmental Assessment at Cranfield University, prior to which he was Chief Executive of the Environment Agency. Read more

Striking image of otter wins the 2017 Thomson Ecology Photography Competition

27th October 2017 - The winner of the 2017 Thomson Ecology Photography Competition is Ian Strone with his image "Rolling in the Seaweed". Read more

New species paper published

24th October 2017 - A paper has been published on new Malmgrenia species, Malmgrenia thomsonae, which was discovered by Dr Ruth Barnich, Principal Biologist at Thomson Ecology. Read more

Mentoring for the RHS Green Plan It Challenge

20th October 2017 - Dave Hine, senior landscape architect at Thomson Ecology, is taking part in the RHS Green Plan It Challenge, which is a scheme designed to get young people interested in horticulture and to potentially consider a career in it or a related industry. Read more

A bird’s eye view of archaeology

19th September 2017 - We recently worked with our archaeology partner, Wessex Archaeology, on a site in the South West of England, to obtain aerial imagery of an archaeological site. Read more

Microbeads found on animals from estuarine samples

29th August 2017 - The presence of plastic in the oceans is a big concern, especially as it accumulates in the food chain. When analysing sediment samples, we are often asked to record the presence and nature of plastic fragments. Read more

Imperial College publish new eDNA research

25th August 2017 - Imperial College London have published an article this week “Fishing for DNA during breeding season could help control invasive species” which talks about the research that they have done into how eDNA (environmental DNA) can be monitored to detect the presence or absence of certain species. Read more

The greatest comeback?

25th August 2017 - The Thames was declared ‘dead’ in the 1950s due to the high levels of pollution and sewage entering the water, preventing any life remaining there. Fast forward 70 years and we have made leaps and bounds in improving the water quality in this visible, but hidden environment. Read more